Dear Marilyn Monroe: Do you really speak French?


The commercial opens up with the opulent gate of Château de Versailles and a hectic Charlize Theron speeding up the steps. The music is not just in the background — it completes the setting — it’s Gossip’s Heavy Cross.

To give you a little bit of background information to my story, you should probably know about this spot Dior did in late 2011. You can watch it by clicking on the link below:

 A few more hectic scenes follow. A changing room full of models. We are backstage with Mrs. Theron, her big black shades and her Lady Dior handbag, which she hands over to a waiting assistant. With her running through the stuffed room, we get to see some faces a bit longer and clearer.

The first character that we see is the beautiful princesse Grace Kelly also known for inspiring Hermès to name its famous purse the Kelly Bag. So what is she doing in this Dior ad exactly?!

The spectator doesn’t get to wonder long about that because the next big diva is already on our screens: Marlene Dietrich. (Charlize changed her dress in the mean time; we get to see her back) Back to Mrs. Dietrich who was know for introducing the pantsuit to women in the early 1930’s. She strikes her most famous pose — which we all know from her 1930 classic: The Blue Angel. So she always did her very own thing and did not follow any fashion rules. Why is she in a commercial for a particular fashion designer?!

But the biggest surprise (shock!) is still to come. Now we get to see Marilyn Monroe in front of a mirror. She spots something — grabs it and… It’s a “J’adore” Dior perfume! What a surprise! She whispers: „J’adore Dior.“ (Did she speak French?!)

But hold on a second! Wasn’t it Marilyn Monroe who apparently slept with nothing on but a few drops of Chanel No.5?!

Right, Dior abused Monroe for a commercial for its perfume, although Marilyn is known to have preferred Chanel’s No.5.

Finally, Charlize Theron walks down the runway and this ridiculous video is over. Not without telling us how much we will “adore” Dior.

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